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Due to ongoing construction at LAX, all PICKUPS except TCP-licensed Lux Black and Lux Black XL will be moving to the new LAX-it lot near Terminal 1. Starting Nov. 6, Lyft will have a new, dedicated pickup area at LAX-it (use West Century Boulevard to enter the lot).
Terminal Drop-offs will remain the same. We’ve added new features, like Fast Match code-based pickups, so it’s easier to find your passengers.

For all rides — except Lux Black and Lux Black XL:

When you receive a request, drive from the staging lot to the new LAX-it lot adjacent to Terminal 1. If you get a ride that requires a pickup code (Fast Match), proceed to Zone 5 to meet your passenger and enter the code into your Lyft Driver app. If you don’t get a pickup code, proceed to Zone 6C.

Easier LAX pickups

These new features help for a smoother pickup experience during airport construction:

  • With Fast Match, passengers wait for the next available driver in the Fast Match line in Zone 2 of the LAX-it lot. When you pick up your passenger, ask for their Fast Match code and enter it into the app. You’ll then see their destination and can proceed from the LAX-it lot.

See you at the airport!