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Wally Park will now be used exclusively as a staging lot for our LAX airport pickups. For support, please visit our two local Hubs in DTLA & Monrovia. Addresses can be found HERE

Wally Park Staging Lot

  • To receive requests, you must be in the assignment area (Pink shaded area)

  • If the New Staging Area is full, please head to the Old Staging Area to avoid a fine

  • Only drivers within the designated area will be added to the queue. You must be within the pink shaded area.

More info on TNC Lot HERE

Staging Lot hours:

Mon - Sat: 8 AM - 2 AM

Sunday 8AM - 3 AM

LAX Placard

Don't forget to get your LAX Placard. Here's a Checklist on how to get your placard

  1. Must have a valid license plate - NO temporary license plates.

  2. Completed the LAX online session and quiz. Then follow the step by step instructions below or CLICK HERE.

  3. ​Once completed you will be able to pick up your LAX Placard at the Lyft Hub (DTLA) or Hub-Lite (Wally Park LAX)

NOTE: If you do not have a valid license plate (ie: new car) you will not receive a placard until you report one. The placard number must match the plate number!

Step 1

Tap the photo on your profile, then select 'Dashboard' from the menu

Step 2

Click on the menu on the top left corner

Step 3

Select 'Tutorials' from the menu

Step 4

Click 'Start' to begin the quiz

Step 5

Select 'Go to my courses' to finalize  quiz

Step 6

Show this screen to any of Lyft's Community Associates at The Hub to receive your LAX Placard

Trade Dress

  • Always have your trade dress at LAX for PICKUPS and DROPOFFS

  • The AMP does NOT replace the Lyft emblems.

  • Drivers are required to have one emblem on the front window, as well as one on the back at LAX Airport.

  • Dual trade dress on the windshield can lead to a citation.